Strengths available

Packs available 20L

Renco Annatto Food colouring is a solution of the potassium salt of Norbixin, which is a naturally occurring pigment extracted from the seed coat of the tropical plant Bixa orellana. These plants are found predominantly in South America.

Renco prepares a standardised and filtered solution of the food colouring that is ready to use.

The Annatto Food colour can be used in a number of food processing applications such as processed cheese, ice cream, smoked fish, bread crumbs, etc.

Renco Annatto Food colouring has a norbixin content of approximately 1.2% and is available in 20L pack sizes. Other pack sizes may be available on request.

Product Specifications: 98 94 1 8

Material Safety Data Sheet: Annatto Msds 12