Lipase Liquid - Calf

Lipase Liquid - Calf

Strengths available 160 LFU/mL

Packs available 20L

RENCO Natural Calf Lingual Lipase is a high-quality enzyme extract designed to induce a buttery flavour to cheese or fats by catalysing the breakdown of triglycerides into component fatty acids.

Renco produce a standardised extract sourced from raw materials of bovine (calf) origin.

Renco Natural lipase is batch processed from high quality raw materials sourced from New Zealand and Australia only. These raw materials have a unique disease free status.

The extraction process that Renco employs produces product that is microbiologically clean and easy to use.

The liquid option adds convenience as it may be metered or pumped into the process.

Product can be supplied halal certified. 

The standard strength of Renco Natural Lingual Lipase is 160 LFU/ mL.

The standard pack size is 20L for liquid. Other pack sizes may be available, please contact us.

Product Specifications: Cll 20 54 1 1

Material Safety Data Sheet: Msds Pge Liquid Vs4 Nov16