Renco (Rennet for Junket, Cheesemaking, etc.)

Renco (Rennet for Junket, Cheesemaking, etc.)

Strengths available 65IMCU/mL

Packs available Display Box (10 x 120mL) and 1L.

Renco Rennet is produced for the domestic market using the same process as the Rennet produced for commercial dairies.

It can be used to make the traditional dairy dessert known as” junket”. Many baby boomers will remember it from their childhood days. Further uses include cheesemaking and as a processing aid to produce icecream, some recipes are included on the packet.

Renco Rennet is exceptionally stable however storage under refrigeration is recommended.

Renco Rennet is available in 120mL pack size from selected stores and supermarkets nationwide (New Zealand). Larger quantities can be purchased direct from Renco.

Product Specifications: Crl 20 00 1 7