Rennet Liquid

Rennet Liquid

Strengths available 280, 580, 1000 IMCU/mL

Packs available 120ml, 1L, 5L, 15L, 20L and 1000L

Renco Natural Rennet is processed from high quality raw materials sourced from New Zealand and Australia only. These raw materials have a unique disease free status.

The ion exchange process yields a highly purified product with high chymosin. Microbiological filtration ensures each batch produced meets strict microbiological parameters. Users can expect improved yield, with texture and flavour benefits.

Regular strengths of 280 IMCU/mL and 580 IMCU/ml are available.

Product can be supplied halal certified. 

Other strengths and pack sizes may be available, please contact us.

Product Specifications: Crl 20 15 1 9 Crl 20 21 1 8

Material Safety Data Sheet: Crl Msds Updated Jan17 Ghs