Tuesday 30 August 2016

Welcome to RENCO New Zealand,
Natural Enzyme Products

Established almost 100 years ago, Renco New Zealand has concentrated on the extraction of specialist active enzymes from animal tissue. Situated in the province of Taranaki, New Zealand, Renco has access to a plentiful source of high quality raw materials from New Zealand and Australia. The natural products produced are maintained free of genetically modified material.

The principal products produced are rennet for milk coagulation and cheese making, lipases for cheese manufacture and other food industry uses, and pancreatins (and component derivatives) for food processing and industrial use.

The processes utilized for the manufacture and purification of these enzymes include extraction, rotary vacuum filtration, ion exchange separation, precipitation, bacteriological filtration and freeze drying. The manufactured products are prepared as either stabilised liquids or powders (although not all products are available as both).

The process equipment available and Renco's versatility, experience and product expertise make us the ideal partners to consider for contract processing. Please feel free to make contact with us regarding any of the products or services we can provide.

Renco boasts a modern, hygenic processing factory registered with and operating to the NZFSA requirements for animal by-products with food applications
Taranaki Sunset