Renco has been making traditional natural enzymes for more than 100 years. We are New Zealand owned and operated and are one of the only rennet manufacturers in the world with our own source of raw material.


We have a small and dedicated team based in Eltham on the lush green slopes of the Mount Taranaki, New Zealand. The establishment of a rennet production facility was motivated by the desire to ensure the supply of this vital ingredient to produce cheese.


Modern technology has allowed for the rapid production of a very pure product valued by artisan and traditional cheese makers around the world.


Renco produces Rennet of bovine origin; Lipases of bovine, ovine and caprine origin; along with Pancreatin of bovine origin. Renco source premium, disease free tissue from within New Zealand or Australia, where both regions have a favoured BSE and TSE free status.


Renco has the capability, the versatility, and the expertise to partner with companies looking for traditional enzymes.