RENCO have been dedicated to the tradition of rennet since 1923 as well as developing new lipase and pancreatin products. We are a division of AFFCO and 100% New Zealand owned and operated by the Talley’s Family Group.

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Natural CALF Rennet

Rennet is purified by cellulose ion exchange chromatography.

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Natural lipase is batch processed from high quality raw materials sourced from New Zealand.

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Pancreatin is commonly used for complete hydrolysis of milk or meat proteins, or protein removal from non-meat products

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Annatto food colouring is a solution of the potassium salt of Norbixin.

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Tanzyme is intended for use in the leather industry as a pre-tanning enzyme during leather manufacture.

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calf-rearing supplements

Vegetable Rennet is supplied to farmers to use as an aid in minimising the development of scours in newborn and young calves.