Renco Rennet is a purified and standardised solution of milk clotting enzymes extracted from the fourth stomach of suckling calves sourced from New Zealand.

Supplied as a liquid saline solution containing a minimum of 93% chymosin as active component. Supplied as a powder by the precipitation of the enzymes in liquid rennet extract followed by freeze drying. The resulting powder is soluble has improved stability with the enzymes retaining full functionality.

Purity: Renco Natural Calf Rennet is purified by cellulose ion exchange chromatography. The unique chromatography step in the purification of rennet ensures a sparkling clear solution with a much lower muco-protein content than most other similar products currently available.

Free from: deodorants or reodorants.

Strength: The strength of Renco Natural Calf Rennet is maintained at a constant level directly related to the coagulation of whole milk. Coagulation, however, is influenced by such factors as seasonal variations affecting milk quality, additions of calcium chloride, pH or acidity variations, and the occurrence of inhibitory agents in the milk.

  • High Chymosin >93% for cheesemakers and artisans
  • HALAL available
  • International Certifications
  • Product of New Zealand


  • Available 165IMCU, 280IMCU, 580IMCU
  • Store chilled
  • Pack sizes available 100ml - 1000L


  • Available 1100IMCU, 1700IMCU
  • Powder may be stored at ambient temperature
  • Pack sizes available 40g - 20kg

Rennet liquid and powder can also be made to customer requirements.