Renco Vegetable Rennet assists calf-rearers in minimising and avoiding scours in their calves.

Research indicates that calves at birth have varying levels of the digestive enzymes contained in Renco rennet and these can take time to develop. If levels are low, the milk will be slow to form a clot in the stomach. This leaves the pH of the stomach elevated - a more suitable environment for the growth of scour producing micro-organisms.

Many farmers supplement their newborn and young calves with a coagulant such as Renco Vegetable Rennet to assist and speed up milk coagulation in the stomach.

Some dose each calf individually with the recommended dose. Others deliver the required dosage of rennet to the milk whilst the calves are sucking. It should be noted that the rennet will clot warm milk quickly and this needs to be considered when working out how best to administer it. The action of the milk clotting enzymes in cold milk is slower.

Strength: 240 IMCU/ML

Available: 1L, 5L or 20L