Renco Natural Lipases are high-quality enzyme extracts designed to induce a piquant flavour to cheeses or fats by catalysing the breakdown of triglycerides into component fatty acids.

The resulting unique flavour profiles range from buttery for calf to sharply piquant for lamb and kid goat. Renco Natural Lipase is batch processed from high quality raw materials sourced from New Zealand.

These raw materials have a unique disease free status. The extraction process that Renco employs produces a soluble product that is microbiologically clean and easy to use.

  • Produces a superior traditional lipolytic flavour
  • HALAL available
  • International Certifications
  • Product of New Zealand


  • 80 LFU/g and 400 LFU/g
  • Custom strengths and blends available
  • Pack sizes 50g - 20kg
  • Renco Lingual Lipase Liquid
  • 160 LFU/ mL
  • 24kg - or packed to specification


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