Renco Natural Leather Bate (Tanzyme) is an extract from the pancreas of ovine animals. It is intended for use in the leather industry as a pre-tanning enzyme during leather manufacture.

Tanzyme is an extract of the soluble enzymes present in the pancreas. Prepared as a liquid, it has been filtered, concentrated, stabilised and standardised. The extract contains active proteolytic and lipolytic enzymes

It is available as a stabilised liquid with a strength of 108,000 BAEE (Benzoyl-L-Arginine Ethyl Ester) units/mL which is approximately equivalent to 25,000 LVU.

The liquid is clear to slightly cloudy and non settling. It is readily miscible with water and may be dispensed by pump.

The hazards normally associated with powdered active proteases are minimized or avoided as Tanzyme is non-drying and non-dusting.

Strength: Available approximately 25,000 LVU

Available: 20L or 200L can be packed to specification


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